Micro-Fasting, Macro-Furious

My stomach has been aching off and on. I know what’s causing it and I have to keep reminding myself that it’s a good thing.

Micro-fasting as a trend makes me sick in a different sort of way. Personally, I started doing it because of a long-running research study that found people who skip breakfast tend to live longer, healthier lives. That, and because Terry Crews does it. It will probably be the only physical what that Terry Crews and I are similar.

But it’s caught on as a weight-loss fade. And to be clear - I could use some loss of weight. But it took me a lot of therapy to get as comfortable with my body as I am, which is to say not very. So I do it try and keep diabetes and all the other maladies that have haunted my family as far away as possible. My looks will be a byproduct of any dietary and exercise successes or failures.

The truth is most of us in America are suffering from success. The success of human progress. We live in one of the only times in history where you could not know how to cook and still live a fairly normal life. There are companies like Simply Fresh that have been built on significant portions of the population never learning how to scramble an egg.

I love to cook as much as I love to eat. I through dinner parties to entice my friends and colleagues into coming over and reading my newest plays, pilots, and screenplays. The best part of it is seeing them surprised by something. I made an herb rice with saffron last week for a reading of THE BEDTIME GIRL. Over the chicken wings and the charred sprouts, the rice was the sleeper hit of the night. I get a good amount of joy from seeing that. Not as much from writing, but enough that I would do it with or without new work.

The moral of all this rambling is that I needed to write, but my stomach got in the way. So I started writing about that, which lead to a rant about diet trends which turned into humble bragging about my cooking skills. But here we are at the end of a blog. I found something to write about not despite the obstacle of my hunger, but because of it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s finally after 2pm and I need to eat the next them I see.