Barr'd From The Public

Tochi and Zell notice a pattern. They discuss William Barr’s hiding of the Mueller report, the White House hiding irresponsible security clarences, and Joe Biden’s unhidden handsiness.


Mueller, Kiwis, & Writers

Tochi and Zell keep their expectations low in this one. They discuss the dropped Mueller report, New Zealand’s sensible gun laws, and writers fighting their agents for better representation.


POTUS, Get Behind Me!!

Tochi and Zell break out their fancy-ass degrees on this episode. They discuss Paul Manafort’s collective seven and a half-year sentencing, the Congress rebuking POTUS 45’s fake National Emergency and choosing to release a future Mueller report, and Operation Varsity Blues and the culture of privilege in higher education.


Paul Manafort: Bad Boys 4 Lyfe

Tochi and Zell are all about justice on this episode. They discuss the House Judiciary Committee’s 81 letters sent to 45’s friends and fam, Paul Manafort’s 47-month sentence, and Rep. Omar and the challenge of criticizing US/Israeli relations.


Snitchin' Michael

Tochi and Zell reflect on the beginning of real congressional oversight. They discuss Jared Kushner getting a security clearance from his pa-in-law, and the fallout from Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress.


Mortal Kombat 2020

Tochi and Zell ask a sad question for 2019: is it worse to be in black face or a KKK costume? They discuss Ralph Northam’s racist med school photos, then they break down the pros and cons of Democratic POTUS challengers.


Folding Like Marie Kondo

Tochi & Zell discuss the end of the #TrumpShutdown and rise of the American worker. First Tochi breaks down Roger Stone’s indictment, then how federal employees saved the government, and lastly America’s interference with Venezuela.


Everybody Slog!

Tochi and Zell try to keep up with an endless torrent of breaking news. They discuss the BuzzFeed story as to whether 45 instructed Cohen to lie to Congress, the month-long government shutdown and its toll on the working class, and debate if William Barr will at a real AG or a shill.


When Republican Became a Slur (aka Dancing Into Power)

Tochi and Zell start 2019 by catching up on the news that happened over the holidays. They discuss Trump’s shutdown and when the GOP will buck him. Then they explore the newly sworn in freshmen congressional class, how the progressives are exciting the country, and what it’ll mean for Democratic presidential candidates.

All We Want For The 'Mas Is President Pelosi

Tochi & Zell celebrate the holidays with wild speculations. They discuss the fight between Pelosi, Schumer, and 45 in the Oval, the Green New Deal, and other Democratic plans for 2019. Then they talk bills on supporting the war in Yemen and more guilty pleas and investigations. HNY! They’ll be back in 2019!


Cohen & Manafort Stock Up On Ramen

Tochi & Zell celebrate MuellerMas on this festive episode. This week, they discuss the 45 admin’s newest cronies in the DOJ and the UN, blatant power grabs by the GOP, and sentencing recommendation for Flynn, Cohen, and Manafort.


Tochi and Zell discuss the news over this jam-packed post-Thanksgiving week. First the US tear-gassing women and children asylum seekers, then the Senate turning on 45 and his love of MBS, and final Manafort flip-back and Cohen proving there was, in fact, collusion with Russians.

New Landlords

Tochi and Zell squeeze too much news from the past week in this megasode, including Whitaker’s illegal appointment, the accidental reveal that Assange may be indicted, 45 possibly waving attorney-client privilege, no opponents for Pelosi, and more!

Showing Out (Got 'Em Running Scared)

Tochi and Zell discuss the huge turnout in the 2018 midterms and massive wins by Dems from coast-to-coast. They talk voter breakdowns in the O’Rourke, Abrams, and Gillum campaigns, then move on to the unconstitutional appointment of Matthew Whitaker and how we might get this political shill out of the DOJ. PLUS, hear how you can win signed copies of Tochi’s books!

The Final, Hate-Filled Stretch

Zell catches Tochi in an airport on book tour so the two can discuss BEAST MADE OF NIGHT’s award-win in Lagos. Then they move on to the rash of acts of hate in America, its roots, and the end of the 2018 elections and hope for the future.