This Is America. And Also Israel.

Tochi & Zell discuss the most recent school shootings in Front Street. Then they dive into Robert Mueller's biggest moments in the first year of the Russia investigation and the fallout from the US Embassy move to Jerusalem.

Mommas' Boyz

Tochi & Zell share their love for the ladies who birthed 'em before getting into Front Street. Then they discuss whether Michael Cohen broke the law, the North Korean prisoner release, and 45 pulling the US out of the Iran agreement.

49 for 45

Tochi & Zell discuss Rudy Giuliani's legal... "strategy", Mueller's 49 questions for 45, and why a judge is questioning Mueller.

Democracy By Trial By Jury

Tochi & Zell meet up in person for this special West Coast-only podcast. They discuss caffeinating-while-black in Front Street. Then they dive into Michael Cohen increasing lawsuits, the Dems v. the 2016 Election, and the GOP backfiring on another memo release.

The Chronicles of Comey

Tochi & Zell discuss the US bombing of Syria and exactly what "Mission" was "Accomplished" in Front Street. Then they tackle the raid of Michael Cohen, the quitting of Paul Ryan, and the tales of James Comey.

Terrible Tariffs

Tochi & Zell return from their spring break to discuss Scott Pruitt's swampiness and Trump's returning to fear-mongering against Latinos in Front Street. Then they discuss 45's gift to Stormy Daniels, the start of a trade war, and an update on the Russia Investigation.

How Do We Democracy?

Tochi & Zell get ready for Spring Break (WOO!) with a maddening rundown of the news including the multiple 45 administration firings, the impressive work of youth activist, Conor Lamb's victory in PA, and the President suing a porn star. Note: After the break, the show will be back on Sunday, April 8th.

The Stormy Daniels School Of Law

Tochi wears out his legal hat as he and Zell discuss Sam Nunberg's cable news meltdown, a bad dealmakers bad decision to go to North Korea, Erik Prince's Bond villain-isque meeting in the Seychelles, and Stormy Daniel's law suit against tiny grabby hands.

Putting It All On Front Street

In a crazy week, Tochi & Zell figure why contextualize? It's an all-Front Street episode so they can cover Hicks' quitting, Javanka's downgrading and corruption, foolish tariffs, Russian threats, the gun debate, and whether or not Trump is poppin' pills.

Gun Addiction Is A Mental Illness

Tochi & Zell plan their relocation to Wakanda before diving into Front Street. Then they discuss the Parkland school shooting, the collapse of the Senate immigration debate, and the unending lies from the White House.

101 Demnation

Tochi & Zell share their condolences on the loss of actors Reg E. Cathey and John Mahoney before diving into Front Street. Then they discuss with DACA stands, the Democrats slate for the 2018 elections, and the White House stalling the release of the Dem's intel memo.

...That's it? (ft. Ricardo Franco)

Tochi and Zell speak with Ricardo Franco, a Democrat candidate to replace Devin Nunes, about "The Memo", what people in the Central Valley really want from their rep, and Rico's fight to get the  Democratic party to pay attention to Zell's home town. Then they discuss Nunes' memo woos and Robert Mueller's best week ever.

No Loyalty Inside Trump DNA

Tochi & Zell start 2018 by discussing Michael Wolff's Fire & Fury, America's deminishing international cred, and Zell's special report on life for college students and faculty of color post-Charlottesville.

It's Bigger On The Inside: Prejudice & Harassment On Campus After Charlottesville

Five months after the tragic events in Charlottesville, universities around the country have wrapped up their first semesters. But how has the dialogue changed at schools with students who were outed online as white supremacists and neo-nazis? How has this reality effected students of color's feelings of safety and ability to learn? And how have school officials addressed the free speech rights of right-wing hate-mongers while fostering diversity and inclusion?

In this special report, Zell follows up with the students and faculty of Washington State University and the University of Nevada-Reno to learn how people are coping with "trolling" from Alt-Right agitators, anti-semitic vandalism, and administrators who provide lip-service, but little action.

Black To School - An Inner Cities Podcast Special Report (Repost)

This story originally posted on August 17, 2017.

Black To School: African American College Life after Charlottesville is an in-depth look at the racial environment of the campuses teaching two of the white supremacists who terrorized C'ville. A. Zell Williams connected with staff and students at the University of Nevada-Reno and Washington State University to learn how students/racists Peter Cvjetanovic and James Allsup acted back at school, what the institutions were doing to balance 1st Amendment rights without condoning hate speech, and how they plan on creating a campus that stops others white students from making the same choices.

This show is is dedicated to the memory of Heather Heyer, as well as the state troopers who lost their lives, their families, and the 19 other people who were injured by the one and only side responsible for Saturday’s voice. The side of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, the alt-right and any other fascists who terrorized along with them.