Throwing 'Bows At A Bone Saw?

Tochi and Zell celebrate the release of CROWN OF THUNDER, the sequel to Tochi’s book, BEAST MADE OF NIGHT. Then they discuss Saudi Arabia’s weak explanation for murdering Jamal Khashoggi, how the US is helping the Saudis murder millions more in Yemen, and the blatant racism in GOP campaign ads.

Voting Rights Jacked

Tochi and Zell focus on what makes an American by looking at Georgia gubernatorial candidate, current State Secretary, and active election suppressor Brian Kemp’s efforts to keep blacks from their right to vote. Then they’ll discuss the likely assassination of Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi, and what the lack of American response means for all of our safety.

Sara Finney-Johnson Wrote For Sammy Davis, Jr. & Steve Urkel On Her Way to Creating Moesha

While Tochi’s on book tour, Zell talks with the creator of Moesha and The Parkers, Sara Finney-Johnson. Sara shares her experience growing up in South LA, getting her big break from Norman Lear, seeing Sammy Davis, Jr. perform in her first professional script on The Jeffersons, working on iconic comedies like The Facts of Life, Mama’s Family, and Family Matters, before creating her own shows and transitioning into dramas.

Sara also discusses the current state of diversity in writers’ rooms after working for more than three decades in the entertainment industry.


Tochi and Zell devote this whole episode to the Dr. Ford/Judge Kavanaugh Senate hearing. They discuss Ford’s openness and composure and Kavanaugh’s rage-filled tantrum.

Injustice: Clods Among Us

Tochi & Zell talk (in)justice all episode long. They start by repping the #ShowUsYourRoom movement, then dive into Senate’s refusal to be investigate allegations of rape, the dark future set out by the Federalist Society, and Rod Rosenstein’s possibly saying what everyone’s thought.

Retweet For an ICP Extra!

Season Three of The Inner Cities Podcast drops this Sunday, Sept. 16! But we have a podcast extra we’ll release for our fans who’ve been here for seasons 1 & 2. Listen to learn how to get an early audio bonus! And be sure your friends are subscribed and ready for this weekend!

NFL Running Blacks

Tochi & Zell do a mega-sode, squeezing in the end of North Korea summit, the pause on the trade war with China, Stacey Adams primary win, Cohen's collusion in 45 Tower, Clapper's book, Morgan Freeman being trash, the US kidnapping kids from immigrants, and the NFL telling black players to stand up, shut up, and dance for them.

This Is America. And Also Israel.

Tochi & Zell discuss the most recent school shootings in Front Street. Then they dive into Robert Mueller's biggest moments in the first year of the Russia investigation and the fallout from the US Embassy move to Jerusalem.

Mommas' Boyz

Tochi & Zell share their love for the ladies who birthed 'em before getting into Front Street. Then they discuss whether Michael Cohen broke the law, the North Korean prisoner release, and 45 pulling the US out of the Iran agreement.

49 for 45

Tochi & Zell discuss Rudy Giuliani's legal... "strategy", Mueller's 49 questions for 45, and why a judge is questioning Mueller.

Democracy By Trial By Jury

Tochi & Zell meet up in person for this special West Coast-only podcast. They discuss caffeinating-while-black in Front Street. Then they dive into Michael Cohen increasing lawsuits, the Dems v. the 2016 Election, and the GOP backfiring on another memo release.

The Chronicles of Comey

Tochi & Zell discuss the US bombing of Syria and exactly what "Mission" was "Accomplished" in Front Street. Then they tackle the raid of Michael Cohen, the quitting of Paul Ryan, and the tales of James Comey.

Terrible Tariffs

Tochi & Zell return from their spring break to discuss Scott Pruitt's swampiness and Trump's returning to fear-mongering against Latinos in Front Street. Then they discuss 45's gift to Stormy Daniels, the start of a trade war, and an update on the Russia Investigation.

How Do We Democracy?

Tochi & Zell get ready for Spring Break (WOO!) with a maddening rundown of the news including the multiple 45 administration firings, the impressive work of youth activist, Conor Lamb's victory in PA, and the President suing a porn star. Note: After the break, the show will be back on Sunday, April 8th.

The Stormy Daniels School Of Law

Tochi wears out his legal hat as he and Zell discuss Sam Nunberg's cable news meltdown, a bad dealmakers bad decision to go to North Korea, Erik Prince's Bond villain-isque meeting in the Seychelles, and Stormy Daniel's law suit against tiny grabby hands.

Putting It All On Front Street

In a crazy week, Tochi & Zell figure why contextualize? It's an all-Front Street episode so they can cover Hicks' quitting, Javanka's downgrading and corruption, foolish tariffs, Russian threats, the gun debate, and whether or not Trump is poppin' pills.